Stern White, Battery Navigation Light for Barge and Towed Vessel McDermott Magnetic

696.00 excl. VAT and shipping

The Batteries are not included in the Price

Order code BGLED888-STERN
Type McDermott BGLED888-STERN
Origin U.S.A.
impa / issa Uncoded
Applications Unmanned Towed vessels >20meters in Length
Visibility 135° 3 Nautical Miles
Power Supply 2x4R25 6v Batteries Not included in the price

Autonomy 23 Nights (Depends on the Battery Brand)

Optional Power Supply Kit for 8xLR20 D size Alkaline (Batteries Not Included)

Autonomy 40 Nights (Depends on the Battery Brand)

Approval ABS, UL1104

Packing: 20x25x34cm 2,600kg without batteries