Side (Port) Red, Battery Navigation Light for Barge and Towed Vessel McDermott Magnetic

696.00 excl. VAT and shipping

The Batteries are not included in the Price

Order code BGLED888PORT
Type McDermott BGLED888-PORT
Origin U.S.A.
impa / issa Uncoded
Applications Unmanned Towed vessels >20meters in Length
Visibility 112.5° 3 Nautical Miles
Power Supply 2x4R25 6v Batteries Not included in the price

Autonomy 23 Nights (Depends on the Battery Brand)

Optional Power Supply Kit for 8xLR20 D size Alkaline (Batteries Not Included)

Autonomy 40 Nights (Depends on the Battery Brand)

Approval ABS, UL1104

Packing: 20x25x34cm 2,600kg without batteries