165N Adult Auto Inflatable Lifejacket Baltic Athena 1655-000-1 Black/Grey

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Order code 1655-000-1
Type Athena
Origin Sweden
Impa Uncoded
Applications Leisure
Body Size 40-120 kg Chest Width 70-140 cm
Inflation System Auto UML with a 33-gram CO2 cylinder
Safety Harness No
Crutch strap No
Collar Soft
Lifting Becket No
Buddy Line No
Lifejacket Light Optional
Spray Hood Optional
Whistle Yes
AIS PLB Optional
Burst Zipper
Outer Cover Black/Grey Fabric
Visibility Yellow air chamber with retro-reflecting tapes.
Approval CE EN ISO 12402-3
Warranty 5 Years
Lifejacket Weight
Packing Dimensions
Service By Galanos Bros Not mandatory, but highly recommended every 1 year. It

will not exceed the amount of 33,00€ w/o vat

Buying Tips Wear the lifejacket before buying



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