04p Liferaft MMF ISAF-ISO 9650-1<24H HERO 110141<24 Container 67x45x23cm 33kg

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Order code 110141<24H
Liferaft Type HO4-C <24H
Origin France
Container size 67x45x23cm 33kg
Emergency pack ISAF-ISO 9650-1<24 Hours
Applications Mid Offshore & Offshore Navigation
Flag Conformity French, Malta, UK and other Countries except for Italian, Spanish, Greek and Swiss.
Approval MMF (Marine Marchande Française), Rina, ISAF.
Service By Galanos Bros Every 3 years will not exceed the amount of euro 480.00 w/o vat
Warranty 12 Years
Buying tips The ship-owner has the obligation to make sure that the safety equipment onboard complies with the regulation of the country in which the boat is registered and the dimensions of the Liferaft suits the storage position.
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