Patraikos Gulf – Kefallonia – Ithaki Pilot Chart Eagle Ray PC8

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Extract from: HNC 030, 040 Larger scale charts included in the back side
Scale: 1:140.000 Río Antírrio bridge
ISBN: 960-88464-1-2 Approaches and marina of Pátra
Edition: 2017 Mesológgi channel
No of edition: 3 Kyllíni harbour
Language: Greek and English Astakós harbour
Weight (Kg): 0,12 Vathý bay and harbour (Itháki)
Dimensions (cm): 100 x 70 Bay and harbour of Argostóli (Kefalloniá)
Size folded: 25 x 34, 25 x 17 cm Sámi and Lixoúri harbours (Kefalloniá)
Fiskárdo bay (Kefalloniá)
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