4,00m Aluminium Boat Linder Sportsman 400

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Length 401 cm
Width 164 cm
Weight 125 kg
Max weight with motor 271 kg
Free table height 47 cm
Internal height 60 cm
Depth of hull 63 cm
Hull thickness 1.8 mm
Hull angle 8 °
Rec. engine 6-10 hp (4-8 kW)
Rec. engine with control panel 15-20 hp (11-15 kW)
Maximum engine power 20 hp (15 kW)
Rig length Long
Max load 420 kg
Max pers 4
CE marked by category D Protective water
Control cable length (side console) 1.80 m
Control cable length (center console) 2.70 m
Power cable length (side console) 2.40 m
Strength cable length (center console) 3.30 m
Approved bow loop Insurance class 3
Certified by Securmark Yes
Certified by DNV Yes
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