165N Adult Auto Inflatable Lifejacket Baltic Poseidon 1607-000-1 Royal Blue

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Order code: 1607-000-1
Type: Baltic Poseidon Auto Lifejacket
Origin: Sweden
Impa/ISSA: Alternative to work vest 331171 / 4701201
Applications: Powerboat, Sailing
Body Size: 40-120 kg
Inflation System: Auto UML 33-gram CO2 code 2433
Safety Harness: No
Crotch strap: Yes
Collar: Soft
Lifting Becket: Yes
Lifejacket Light: Optional
Spray Hood: Optional
Whistle: Yes EN ISO12401
AIS PLB: Optional
Burst: Zipper
Outer Cover: Durable Royal Blue Cover
Chambers & Visibility: Single Red air chamber with retro-reflecting tapes.
Approval: CE EN ISO 12402-3
Warranty: 5 Years
Lifejacket Weight:
Packing Dimensions:
Service By Galanos Bros Not Mandatory. Recommended every 1 year. It will not exceed the amount of 39,00€ w/o vat
Buying Tips: Wear the lifejacket before buying. Do not save money when buying a lifejacket or buoyancy aid.
They can be your last resort!


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