150N SOLAS MED Adult Auto Inflatable Lifejacket Canepa & Campi Orione L0160R04 impa330166

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Order code L0160R04
Type Orione
Origin Italia
impa 330166, Alternative to 330140 330141, 330142, 331171
Applications Industrial, Commercial Vessels
Body Size 43+kg
Inflation System Auto Halkey Roberts 1×33-gram CO2.
Safety Harness No
Crotch strap Optional
Collar Red Fabric
Lifting Becket Yes
Buddy Line Yes
Lifejacket Light Optional
Spray Hood Optional
Whistle Yes
AIS PLB Optional
Burst Velcro
Outer Cover Durable Red/Blue Fabric
Chambers & Visibility Double Yellow air chamber with retro-reflecting tapes.
Approval SOLAS MED, CE EN ISO 12402-3
Warranty 6 Months
Lifejacket Weight 1176 gram
Packing Dimensions
Service By Galanos Bros Mandatory. Every 1 year. It will not exceed the amount of 85,00€ w/o vat
Buying Tips Wear the lifejacket before buying. Do not save money when buying a lifejacket or buoyancy aid.
They can be your last resort!
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