4,51m Aluminium Boat Linder Sportsman 455 Basic

5,140.00 excl. VAT and shipping

Price Excluding vat 24% and Shipping from the Factory in Sweden

Article number: 445000B

Length: 451 cm

Width: 175 cm

Weight: 189 kg

Weight with max engine weight: 319 kg

Freeboard height: 50 cm

Interior height: 60 cm

Depth of hull: 73 cm

Hull thickness: 2.0 mm

Hull angle: 9°

Rec. motor: 10-20 hp (7.4-14.7 kW)

Max power: 20 hp (14.7 kW)

Outboard length: Long

Max load: 484 kg

Max number of persons: 4

Approved bow eye: Insurance class rating 3

CE marked for category: C For coastal and inland water

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