190N Adult Auto/Harness Inflatable Lifejacket Baltic Force 1725-000-1 Black

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Order code 1725-000-1
Brand code / Origin 1725-000-1 / Sweden
EAN / Issa 7392715172510 / 4701201
Applications Leisure sailing, Yacht Racing
Inflation System Automatic United Mulders Article number: 2407
CO2 Cylinder 38-gram Article number: 2438
Safety Harness Twin Loop
Crutch strap Yes
Body Size / Body Kg Adult  / 40-120 kg.
Lifejacket Weight
Buoyancy Adult 190 Newton
Visibility Yellow air chamber with retro-reflecting tapes
Air chamber Totally independent air chamber, efficiently protected by the outer shell.
Approval CE EN ISO 12402-3
Warranty 5 Years
Service Authorized service by Galanos Bros.
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