10p Solas A pack Throw Over ARIMAR COMPACT II 501799 Flat Container 86x61x35cm 90kg

2,500.00 excl. VAT and shipping


Code / Model 501799+101.6010FC/ Deep Sea Solas Compact
Origin Italy
Impa / Issa 330101, (alternative to 330111, 330106, 330121) / 4700101
Applications Long International Journeys
Flag Conformity All Countries except USA
Emergency Pack Solas A Pack
Flat ABS Container size / Kg 86 x 61 x 35 cm / 90 kg
Stowage height 18m
Approval Solas MED EC 96/98
Dimensions for Transport
Service By Galanos Bros 1 year will not exceed the amount of euro 900,00  w/o vat 24%
Warranty 12 Years
Buying tips The ship owner has the obligation to make sure that the safety equipment on board complies with the regulation of the country in which the boat is registered, and the dimensions of the Liferaft suits to the storage position.


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